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Karamador by ilesarki
Karamador by ilesarki

By ilesarki

In an other dimension, exists the world of Karamador. World of sword and sorcery. Karamador is inhabited by humans and human-like animals and insects.
The first series, Karamador Fantasy, sets in a reneissance- fantasy type time era, during the times of great dangers and legendary heroes. It follows the adventures of Sir Kiljaos Windmane, the lion paladin of wind. Sir Kiljaos is a wandering paladin who travels around his homeland Pohjoland and the other parts of Karamador as a just mercenary, fighting the forces of evil and helping those in need, and in hopes to get paid in the process. During his adventures he also meets and teams up with many different companions to fight the forces of chaos, like for example the beastly insectoids of Hordium, the undead, demonic invasions and ruthless orcs.
Although Karamador is set in a fantasy world, many of it's locations are based more or less on real locations. Many of the stories also involve real life legends and folk lore, especially from Finland and Scandinavia.
Fantasy, Medieval, Furry
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